Donate your memory

Since 2012, the School Museum has welcomed donations from private citizens, associations, etc., of exercise books, school books and other school-type materials. The goal is to save testimonies that are part of the common cultural heritage of the school from dispersion.

Everyone can decide to donate your memory to us and leave an indelible trace of your story, your childhood memories or the history of your family, at the same time contributing to enriching the memory and collective school history of our country.

Who can do it? Everyone: former teachers, former pupils and pupils, grandfathers and grandmothers, who have been mothers and fathers, but also sons and daughters. All you need is a notebook to leaf through, a class photograph to show, a book or a school diary to bring to us – because we will restore it, catalog it, put it on display and make it available to scholars and museum enthusiasts and visitors.

How you do it? You can decide to tell us your memories and we will record them. Or, let us see the photographs you keep with such care (and we will make a digital copy that we will keep forever). Or again, you can decide to leave us, in temporary deposit (and/or free loan for use) or with a definitive donation to the Center (if you wish), that collection of school books and notebooks that have remained in the attic or in the basement.

Become a school memory volunteer too!

For information you can send an e-mail to: