Who we are

Prof. Fabio Targhetta
Associate Professor of History of Education, Fabio Targhetta’s research focuses on the history of school publishing, the role of education in the formation of the imaginary between the 19th and 20th centuries, and the history of the school material culture – areas that he has explored in depth during his years of collaboration with the Museum of Education at the University of Padua. Current Director of Mudesc, he is in charge of museum collections, acquisitions and donations

Deputy Director
Prof.ssa Marta Brunelli
Associate Professor of General and Social Pedagogy, since 2008 she has been researching in the field of Heritage Education and Interpretation, with a special focus on the educational valorisation of the school heritage. Current Deputy Director of Mudesc, since 2014 she has been in charge of planning the museum’s educational services and programs; since 2020, she is in charge of the management of the Universal Civil Service projects at the Mudesc.

Civil Service 2023/24
On May 25, 2023, the new group of Universal Civil Service volunteers took service: Gloria Bontempo (Master’s degree in “Cultural Heritage Management” – Unimc), Federica Fabi (graduate student in “Cultural Heritage Management” – Unimc), Giulia Capriotti (5-year masters’degree in Primary education sciences from Unimc) and Chiara Mercuri (expert in audiovisual and multimedia graphics).

Civil Service 2022/23
The 2022/2023 SCU-Universal Civil Service Programme has involved four volunteers: two young graduates (Marianna Creanza and Marco Gasparri) and two undergraduates (Eleonora Grasso and Alessia Sforza) at the Master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management. Thank you to all of them for their invaluable support in helping us with the setup of the new museum!

University traineeships
In these first six months of 2024, students are carrying out their curricular internship at Mudesc: Costanza Ventrella, Aurora Ubaldi, Giorgio Cossignani (Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Heritage and Tourism), Marta Ghizzone and Valeria Annibali (Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage Management), as well as Anna Frangoni (Master’s Degree ‘ItourDem’ from Unimc).