MUDESC history

The MUDESC is a university museum that was founded back in 2009 as emanation of a research center specialized in the history of education.

The museum was named after Paolo and Ornella Ricca who first, in 2009, donated to the university an important collection of school materials collected by them over the years.

The museum was opened to public in June, 2012. Over the years the museum has been changing: in 2016 furnishings were renovated and digital educational tools were added; finally, in the two-year period of 2021/22 it was significantly expanded spatially and completely renovated thanks to the funds from the Ministry of University for the Departments of Excellence (L. 232 11.12.2016).

In 2023 the museum reopened under the name MUDESC (Museo della Scuola) – Museum of the School “Paolo & Ornella Ricca”.

MUDESC mission

The mission of MUDESC is to collect, preserve and communicate the various sources that testify to the Italian history of school education from the nineteenth century until the 70s of the twentieth century. To achieve this goal the museum communicates results of scientific research presented by the research groups from the University of Macerata, offering cultural products and educational services to diverse public.

For the university visitors, the museum offers workshops and seminars related to the various didactics of the Bachelor`s, Master’s and single-cycle degree courses of the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Moreover, since 2015 MUDESC is place of curricular internship for all students of the University of Macerata (link to MUDESC for the University).

For wider public, the museum organizes and offers cultural events (permanent and temporary exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, etc), provides targeted educational services (workshops and guided tours for schools, free and guided tours for others), finally participates in events and festivals of the city and the area.