The museum’s collection

Over the years the MUDESC heritage has grown thanks to donations from private citizens, institutions and associations and also thanks to purchases and temporary loans.

The materials exhibited in the museum are divided into three types:

  • library materials: school manuals and reading books, teacher`s magazines, treatises on pedagogy, children`s literature and entertainment/educational youth literature, magazines (such as the complete collections of the “Giornale per i bambini” by Ferdinando Martini, or Il giornalino della Domenica (The Sunday newspaper) founded by Luigi Bertelli);
  • funds and archival materials: archives and documents of educators (such as the Marchigian teacher Maria Riccini (1892-1975); the Carpigian teacher Lidia Verrini (1926-2009); the Marchigian teacher Giovanni Lucaroni (1891-1980); teachers Ines Fanna and Dante Broglio etc.), archives of pedagogists (correspondence Giovanni Calo; newspaper archives of Ernesto Codignola), archives of magisterial associations (ex. fund of National Association of Honorable Educators), school records, diplomas, awards, school photographs, letters written by children (Christmas and wish letters) etc.;
  • objects and other materials related to the history of school: furnishings and school desks, teaching aids (aids for the teaching of the various school disciplines), wallboards and geographical maps, educational films etc, supplies of the school classroom, materials of the “school kit” (notebooks and school diaries, drawing and coloring books, folders and snack holders, blackboards, cases, pens and nibs, etc.), educational games and films with related projectors etc.